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Rinpoche’s spiritual pursuit began at a very young age and has spanned many years, in which he received lineages of all four major Vajrayana Buddhist schools—Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug—from numerous lineage holders and great yogis of our time in India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Rinpoche has acquired all the necessary empowerments, transmissions, and teachings to become a fully qualified Vajrayana master. Furthermore, Rinpoche is a recognized tulku (reincarnate lama), authenticated by eminent lineage holders and distinguished masters of our time.
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2016年1月18日 星期一

Rinpoche's new book : Key to Awareness

Momentary happiness is akin to a wind-borne cherry blossom
which, when held in your palm, brings a brisk sense of delight,
yet quickly withers. It is also akin to a snowflake floating
down from the snow mountain, falling into flames. It is even
more like a silver burst of fireworks which, though splendid,
immediately fades away.

Someone with wisdom behaves differently than the average
person, possessing special insight into the myriad things
of this world, especially in moments of happiness and
complacency, or when treated preferentially. In such moments,
someone possessed of meditative stillness and wisdom will be
even more vigilant of their degree of awareness from moment
to moment. This is because when one has the upper hand,
meditative stillness must be maintained at all times; a task,
however, which is much more difficult than remaining calm
and collected when problems arise as usual, filling the mind
with worry. (an excerpt from Shang Rinpoche's new book)

In 2013, author Shang Rinpoche began writing daily articles online touching on issues related to everyday life. Many of these articles were repeatedly reposted on hundreds of Chinese-language Buddhist websites. This volume is a compilation of the most consequential of these pieces, interspersed with the works of the 20th-century pioneering Asian photojournalist Lang Jingshan.
Shang Rinpoche has been spreading Buddhist teachings for more than 30 years to students in 25 countries. His talented writing and storytelling style pragmatically weaves Buddhism into everyday life, inspiring readers to look for the key to awareness in their own lives.
This book contains advice on:
- facing difficulties in everyday situations
- how to cultivate a positive attitude
- love and relationships
- developing patience
- Buddhist foundational concepts

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  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9869186084
  • ISBN-13: 978-9869186087

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