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Rinpoche’s spiritual pursuit began at a very young age and has spanned many years, in which he received lineages of all four major Vajrayana Buddhist schools—Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug—from numerous lineage holders and great yogis of our time in India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Rinpoche has acquired all the necessary empowerments, transmissions, and teachings to become a fully qualified Vajrayana master. Furthermore, Rinpoche is a recognized tulku (reincarnate lama), authenticated by eminent lineage holders and distinguished masters of our time.
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2014年5月21日 星期三

Bid Farewell to the Past

I reckon most people are not happy with their life story so far. Everyone is at the mercy of their karma which is the underlying cause of many undesired and unexpected events in the past. Now that they are older and more mature, they lament when looking back and are struck by a sense of melancholy. They might even subject themselves to an emotional rollercoaster which could, in turn, have an impact on their behaviour and productivity. In this manner, many waste away their life on these inane afflictions unable to throw off the layers of self-imposed mental shackles.

There are two individuals standing on the terrace, one person habitually looks down and observes that many toil for a living in the scorching heat, drenched in sweat. He is affected by the sight and could feel their pressure and helplessness. Another person looks up to the sky, the glittering night-sky fills him with infinite hope and abounding joy. Chronic discontentment and persistent afflictions will eventually lead to dejection and depression. You could defy afflictions if you know how to curb desire (the cause). At the same time, try not to be bound within the chalk-line circle--if you refuse to take the first step, you will never be able to take strides into the future. Whether you are a big tree or just a blade of grass, you need to carry on with life. Hence, letting go and stop lingering in the past is the best gift to yourself. Instead, take heart and stay buoyant in every moment.

From this moment on, I will press ahead towards my goal regardless of adverse circumstances.
From this moment on, I will never be bound by emotions and melancholia.
From this moment on, I will cherish and see every moment as my wealth.
From this moment on, I will continuously uphold the correct mindset and views.
From this moment on, I will try to be amiable and personable.
From this moment on, I will strive to share my best attributes with all.
From this moment on, I will keep reminding myself that I will certainly attain what others have achieved.
From this moment on, I will exercise prudence and joyfully in conducting every practical matter

We could certainly give ourselves unlimited number of these “moments” but it is important to bear in mind that the best gift is the conviction that our future is infinitely hopeful and magnificent. 

From Shang Longrik Gyatso Rinpoche